Recognize the Causes and Types of Pfeiffer Syndrome Here

Pfeiffer's syndrome is a condition of birth defects that causes the shape of the head, and the face to look abnormal. This condition can also affect the shape or fingers and toes of the baby. Pfeiffer's syndrome is a rare condition, only occurring in one in 100,000 babies. Pfeiffer's syndrome occurs when skull bones fuse prematurely, that is, since the baby is still in the womb. As a result, the baby's brain does not have enough space to grow and develop. Under normal conditions, the baby's skull bones should be soft, to give the brain a chance to develop. After the brain and head are fully formed, the bones of the skull will merge, which is around the age of 2 years. Causes of Pfeiffer's Syndrome Pfeiffer's syndrome is caused by mutations in one of two genes that play a role in the formation of fetal bone in the womb. This condition can occur due to hereditary factors from parents or because of a new mutation of the gene. In addition, the age of fathe
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